Is the DEA Killing Junkies?

After years of traveling through the Middle East and Europe as well as several states, I came to lite in Southern California in 1983. A perfect place for a young man in his early twenties. Sun and fun, lovely (if jaded) young females, and lots and lots of really good weed. Kush rained like Manna from Heaven. Golden Thai, Mowie, Purple Buds of all kinds. The purple golfballs from Catalina Island were beyond comprehension. There was even the occasional arrival of tons of Alaskan Thunderfuck. This was the hay-day of outdoor excellence which is, in spite of what many believe, still unequaled. Also, one cannot forget the mountains of Mexican pot that always seemed to be there no matter what season or circumstance.

1983 was also a time of infamy in the California weed scene. In the mid to late Seventies the Mexican Government began spraying the Marijuana crops in Mexico with Paraquat (with plenty of help from the US State Dept to the tune of 15 Million a year). A deadly chemical designed not only to kill the plant, but to poison the smoker. And in doing so scare others into abstaining from indulgence in our beloved herb. The dangers of paraquat were no secret to the State Department. Swallowing as little as a half ounce is suicidal. Paraquat gravitates to the lungs, where it causes such massive damage that death almost invariably occurs within two weeks. There is no known antidote. But whether paraquat that is burned, and then inhaled, produces those same deadly results was unknown. In 1975, when the US started funding the Mexican program, there had been no inhalation studies. There would be none until 1977, when Senate investigators forced the issue.


In March of 1978, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Joseph Califano announced the disturbing results of those tests: Heavy users of this tainted marijuana might develop fibrosis, an irreversible lung disease, and “clinically measurable damage” might befall less frequent smokers. In the furor that followed, the Administration explained that there was nothing it could do but warn smokers against Mexican marijuana — the Government of Mexico selected this herbicide independently, purchased it from a British company with its own funds, and sprayed marijuana mostly when opium‐poppy fields, the true targets of the American funded program, lay fallow. And if the United States pressured the Mexicans, the probable outcome would be suspension of opium‐poppy spraying‐and intensified spraying of marijuana.

In 1988 the director of the Drug Enforcement Administration said that the Government would use the herbicide paraquat and two others in a stepped-up campaign to eradicate domestically grown marijuana.

The use of paraquat, banned from national forests in 1983 because of environmental concerns, was announced by the director, John C. Lawn, at a news conference. A drug agency spokesman, Cornelius Dougherty, subsequently said that, in light of a 1983 ruling by Federal Judge June Green, paraquat would be sprayed for marijuana eradication on private land, not on public property.

The other two herbicides cited by Mr. Lawn, 2,4D and Glyphosate (which is now known to cause Cancer), are not involved in the ruling and could be used on public lands, a spokesman said.

Jay Feldman, coordinator of the National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides, said: ”The other two chemicals don’t have the same restrictions, but while that may be complying with the letter of the law, it is violating the principles that protect national lands to ensure the protection of wildlife habitats and recreation areas.
Under a consent decree resolving the 1983 suit by several environmental groups and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, the D.E.A. agreed not to spray paraquat until after the Government prepared a statement on the action’s effect on the environment. The impact statement was completed in July 1985 and found that ”there is a slight risk that heavy smokers of marijuana could be affected by paraquat-sprayed marijuana.” The document also opened the way for use of glyphosate and 2,4-D.

Glyphosate, a weedkiller like paraquat, was first used in September 1985.

The Government contends that while paraquat is dangerous in a concentrated form, once it is sprayed it becomes ”biologically inactive.”

Mr. Lawn said that the Government must prepare another environmental impact statement when eradication is contemplated and that ”at that point, the determination is made by environmentalists, by law enforcement, which chemical will be most effective.”

Attorney General Edwin Meese 3d said ”the real environmental damage is not from” the herbicides, but rather from what is being done by the illegal growers of marijuana.

So we see that it’s been done before. The US Government trying to eradicate their target of choice without regard for, or intentionally hostile to, the health and lives of average people. Which brings us to the present and forces us to ask the question…. Are they doing the same thing now, only in regards to Opiates?

Why are American junkies dying at such an accelerated rate? Why is so much fake, poisonous Fentanyl making it into the Heroin and Cocaine supply seemingly unabated? A new style every few months. Deadly, cheap….How does something so powerful cost only pennies? If it comes from drug cartels as the DEA has insisted why doesn’t it fit the cartel M.O…..To make money? Are we to believe that some 501(c)(3) non-profit somewhere distributes this poison for shits and giggles? Who would distribute such a thing without profiteering from it? The young people in America could not possibly visualize this, but to those of us who are aged enough to have seen the exact same activity before, it fills us with foreboding and a tremendous suspicion of a Government that we already know will kill it’s citizens without hesitation to sate it’s collective fear of the unknown.

The fearmongering and Government propaganda concerning Opioid painkillers, with the help of capitulating media, is already out of control. The process of using Doctors as scapegoats is in full swing. Is Fentanyl the new Paraquat?

How deep does this horror story run?

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Donald Trump: Asperger’s or Just an Asshole?

I am not totally anti-Trump. Nor am I one of his fans. I’m really still waiting to see what if anything he does for this country before he goes. Naturally, his expressed inclination toward killing Federal prohibition of Marijuana is most appealing here at TN420. Furthering Medical Marijuana is a major move when it comes to compassion both for the wrongly incarcerated and millions of people who suffer from illnesses. Children that suffer from seizures in particular. I have long stated that those who are against Marijuana are against children and I mean every fucking letter of that.
Problem with Trump is, why is he such a dick?

This President has made some of the most offensive, unfeeling and unbecoming statements I have ever heard. Kinda reminds me of me….but I’m a blogger, not the POTUS. I also have a hide that’s thick as Walrus blubber so his remarks about race, nationality, the media etc. don’t bother me. As a matter of fact, I think that all too many Americans are pussies that are too easily offended. But Donald Trump is an anomaly to be sure. Is it really just because he’s hateful? I’m not so sure. These Millennial pansies don’t remember the Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live or Conan. He was funny and everybody loved him.



But that was scripted. Still, surely people don’t become President and then behave in a manner that alienates half the country and most of the world by design. So it begs the question… Is there really something wrong with Donald Trump?

Clearly the Trumpster was the victim of a sheltered life (to say the least). I seriously doubt that even as a child there was much in the way of mixing with the poor folks. Then as he grew up, probably even less. Could Donald Trump suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome? It seems as though such a possibility isn’t too far fetched.

Asperger’s Syndrome: Problems Interpreting the Social and Emotional World

Like people with autism, people with Asperger’s syndrome have a dreadful time understanding what is going on, socially. They do not always pay attention to the social scene in which they find themselves, and even when they do, they are often not able to make sense of what they see, or to respond appropriately.

There are some claims that what makes them different from people with autism is a greater desire to interact. Unlike more classically autistic children, who may be described as “aloof” or “passive” in their social interactions, children with Asperger’s tend to be “active but odd.”1 Not content to be alone all the time, they long to form friendships (as they understand them) with others. Unfortunately, they have very little idea how to make friendship work. Their approach is awkward and one-sided, and reflects a lack of understanding that the other person in the exchange has needs and wishes that have to be taken into account, too. Because they cannot read social or emotional cues well, they come off as insensitive, pushy, or strange, yet have very little insight into how they are perceived. One group of clinician-researchers commented:

“They may be able to describe correctly, in a cognitive and often formalistic fashion, other people’s emotions, expected intentions, and social conventions; yet, they are unable to act on this knowledge in an intuitive and spontaneous fashion, thus losing the tempo of the interaction. Their poor intuition and lack of spontaneous adaptation are accompanied by a marked reliance on formalistic rules of behavior and rigid social conventions. This presentation is largely responsible for the impression of social naiveté and behavioral rigidity that is so forcefully conveyed by these individuals.” 2

These social deficits, which may be somewhat masked at home where all is familiar and adults bend to a child’s unique style, stand out in sharp relief once the child is placed into a group context with typical peers, whether at informal play groups or pre-school. It is around this pre-school period that many parents first become concerned about how their child is functioning.3

Emotion is another realm that befuddles people with Asperger’s. It is often said that they lack empathy. If, by empathy, you mean a deep understanding of other people’s specific emotional states and how to respond appropriately, this is true. What it does not mean, however, is that they lack all compassion. They are more “self-centered than selfish,”4 with an attitude towards others that may range from indifference to deep concern, but is rarely malicious.

Because people with Asperger’s are intelligent but “lack empathy,” fears have sometimes been raised that they may be sociopathic. This is absolutely not the case. A true sociopath is a ruthless manipulator with an uncanny ability to read and utilize others’ emotions against them for his own gain.5 People with Asperger’s are, in sharp contrast, clueless:

It’s at least enough to make one wonder. Trump’s comments, at times, seem pointedly hurtful. His public ridicule of a handicapped journalist was inexcusable. His detention of illegal immigrant children and removal of them from the family unit, often without records that would help to reunite the families later, is like something from a horror movie. We can deal with illegal immigration without having to separate child from parent forever. But that’s what’s happening. There was no system in place to deal with the matter. And I’m not sure Trump even understands that. Why can’t Donald Trump relate what his government is doing to these illegal immigrants to his children? Empathy is clearly lacking when it comes to this matter and others.
Even George W. Bush could not alienate so many with just his mouth. Trump holds the all-time Put Foot In Mouth Championship. Bar none.

This is why I remain in awe of this New Left and the Democratic activists. There are so many real shortcomings to attack Trump over what’s with all the lies? Liberals used to stick to truth and let the Right make fools of themselves. Obviously that is no longer the case. Modern “Liberals” spend more time making fools of themselves these days.

1) He’s a member of the Klu Klux Klan. Unproven.
2) His mother was an illegal immigrant. Factually Incorrect.
3) He’s a Fiscal Conservative. He’s a Big Spender.
4) He’s a member of the Nazi Party. Unproven.
5) He’s a Social Conservative. Social Conservatives don’t have wives and daughters that pose nude nor do they advocate Medical Marijuana.
6) He’s the worst president ever. G.W. Bush caused the deaths of over a million Iraqis and Americans waging war on the wrong country. Trump can’t touch that.

With juvenile rhetoric like that coming from the New Left it’s no wonder he still enjoys a certain amount of popularity.

Donald Trump is definitely an asshole. Is there a reason beyond the obvious? I’m not qualified to say. But I will hold out hope, as I did with Barack Obama (in vain I might add), that somehow he manages to do something good for the nation before he makes his exit. Getting new advisors and doing a little soul searching would be a good start.


What is it? I mean what in the actual fuck is the problem? ROBERT BORK, EDWIN MEESE, JANET RENO, JOHN ASSCROFT, ALBERTO GONZALES, ERIC HOLDER, JEFF SESSIONS…. Just to name a few. Now we have to deal with Matthew G. Whitaker. Understudy to Jeff “fuckstick” Sessions and apparently yet another bumbling idiot and morally bankrupt joke of a human being.

Acting USAG Whitaker

We can’t win. Where in the motherfucking rules does it specifically state that the US Attorney General has to be a piece of shit? Robert Bork was AG under Reagan. Bork opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, saying that

the provisions within the Act which prohibited racial discrimination by public accommodations were based on a principle of “unsurpassed ugliness.

Then there was Edwin Meese. A man so spiritually ugly he actually believed that anyone suspected of a crime was in fact guilty.

U.S News & World Report: You criticize the Miranda ruling, which gives suspects the right to have a lawyer present before police questioning. Shouldn’t people, who may be innocent, have such protection?

Meese: Suspects who are innocent of a crime should. But the thing is, you don’t have many suspects who are innocent of a crime. That’s contradictory. If a person is innocent of a crime, then he is not a suspect.

Then came Janet Reno. Who presided over the murder of women and children at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas. Obama AG, Eric Holder, was also involved in the Waco cover-up. Holder also, as attorney for Chiquita Brand (Bananas) defended the company’s use of Colombian Death Squads to murder Union Members.

I mean, What the Fuck?!!

Matthew G. Whitaker. This guy is at least interesting. Apparently Whitaker is associated with a company called World Patent Marketing. The Miami Beach firm specializes in rather odd products….and consumer scams.

Federal authorities say World Patent Marketing was scam. A federal judge shut down the company last year and fined it $26 million after the Federal Trade Commission found it had “bilked thousands of consumers out of millions of dollars” in fees it charged clients based on phony promises of lucrative patent deals. The company is under investigation by the FBI, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The company’s advisory board, which included a former presidential candidate in the Central Africa Republic and an Israeli-born mixed mixed martial artist, gave it a patina of legitimacy. And between 2014 and 2016, as World Patent Marketing was hawking an array of dubious products and allegedly fleecing aspiring inventors, the company paid Whitaker at least $9,375. Whitaker was no passive board member. He defended the firm against critics, solicited new business, appeared in at least one promotional video for the company, and he seems to have acted at times as outside counsel for the firm. Unlike other advisory board members, he has not returned the payments he received from World Patent Marketing.

Matthew Whitaker, while in Iowa, was a protege’ of dirtbag Senator Chuck Grassley, which is a serious resume’ flaw to be sure. He also proved to be a pretty shitty attorney too.

From 2005 to 2007, Whitaker was responsible for the unsuccessful investigation and prosecution of Iowa State Sen. Matt McCoy, a gay, liberal Democrat, on charges of attempting to extort $2000. A columnist for the Des Moines Register said that the case “… was based on the word of a man former associates depicted as a drug user, a deadbeat and an abuser of women; a man so shady even his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsors called him ‘a pathological liar. The jury took less than two hours to return a verdict of “not guilty”.

This guy has moron and scapegoat written all over him. This ought to be interesting. I guess the big question remains… Will we ever get an Attorney General that’s a credit to freedom and not a detriment?



It’s about time. Jeff Sessions is a sub-humanoid miscreant that has no idea what humanity, compassion or the love of God means. He is vermin. Unworthy of breathing the same air that humans (or animals) breathe.

Well done, Mr. President. Regardless of your self-serving motives. You were a fool to deploy this tit-turd to begin with and it cost you much respect. You recovered a little. Congrats.

And FUCK the Mueller investigation. I don’t care what he did or didn’t do. The Russians can have Alaska for all I fucking care. I just want to relish this instance of unequaled joy. Jeff Sessions, you pile of steaming, stinking dogshit. Go crawl back under the rock you slithered out of and die.

Signed, captainkona. Pot Smoker that still has a job.


Don Lemon and Ignorant Racist Statements

Ya know, it’s sad the hypocrisy I run into on what seems like a daily basis. Especially in the media. Now this entry is not intended to attack Don Lemon for being the racist bitch that he is. It’s not even intended to slam the poor dupes that believe what he said about White Men being the most prolific terrorists. A lot of this stupidity revolves around the convenient yet fucktarded argument that when someone who’s not White kills ten people it’s “violent crime”, not terrorism. But a Caucasian kills ten people? It’s “terrorism”.    LOL

Racist Pig Don Lemon

Now the popular thing to do is post pictures of scumbags that committed atrocities while being Caucasian, and in some arbitrary instance of mindlessness try to condemn one race or group of people as Don Lemon did. The unpopular thing to do is remind everyone that terrorism is any violent act that is purpose driven. So we here at Ablogination would like to inform the hopelessly uninformed that acts of terror are committed by all races, creeds, colors and religions. No one has a monopoly on terror.

The following list is specifically intended for Don Lemon to roll up and shove firmly up his bigoted, race-baiting ass:


1) Ivan Lopez – On April 2, 2014, a shooting spree occurred at several locations on the Fort Hood military base near Killeen, Texas. Four people, including the gunman, were killed while fourteen additional people were injured; twelve by gunshot wounds. The shooter, 34-year-old Army Specialist Ivan Lopez, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

2) Nidal Hassan – On November 5, 2009, a mass shooting took place at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas. Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others. It was the deadliest mass shooting on an American military base.

3) Tamerlan Tsarnaev– Chechen terrorist who, with his brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, planted bombs at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.

4) Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – Non-White Man scumbag #3s brother.

5) Omar MateenOmar Mir Seddique (November 16, 1986 – June 12, 2016), also known as Omar Mateen, was an American mass murderer and domestic terrorist who killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in a mass shooting at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016, before he was killed in a shootout with the local police.

6) Sayed Farook – On December 2, 2015, 14 people were killed and 22 others were seriously injured in a terrorist attack consisting of a mass shooting and an attempted bombing at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. The perpetrators, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married couple living in the city of Redlands, targeted a San Bernardino County Department of Public Health training event and Christmas party of about 80 employees in a rented banquet room. Farook was a U.S.-born citizen of Pakistani descent, who worked as a health department employee. Malik was a Pakistani-born lawful permanent resident of the United States.

7) Tashfeen Malik – Wife of Non-White Man scumbag #6 and possibly the fugliest female in the history of creation.

8) Seung-Hui Cho – (조승희 in Korean, properly Cho Seung-Hui; January 18, 1984 – April 16, 2007) was a South Korean-born spree killer and mass murderer who killed 32 people and wounded 17 others armed with two semi-automatic pistols (a Glock 19 and a Walther P22) on April 16, 2007, at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia.

9) Mohammad Yousef Abdulazeez – On July 16, 2015, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez opened fire on two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He first committed a drive-by shooting at a recruiting center, then traveled to a U.S. Navy Reserve center and continued firing, where he was killed by police in a gunfight. Four Marines died on the spot. A Navy sailor, a Marine recruiter, and a police officer were wounded; the sailor died from his injuries two days later.

10) Elliot Rodger – On May 23, 2014, in Isla Vista, California, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger killed six people and injured fourteen others near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara, before killing himself inside his vehicle.

11) Dimitrios Pagourtzis – A school shooting occurred at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, United States, in the Houston metropolitan area, on May 18, 2018. Ten people – eight students and two teachers – were fatally shot and thirteen others were wounded.[1][2] The suspected shooter was taken into custody and later identified by police as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a 17-year-old student at the school. The shooting is the second-deadliest school shooting in the United States in 2018, after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February resulted in 17 deaths and 17 injuries.

12) David Katz – The Jacksonville Landing shooting, also known as the Jacksonville shooting, was a mass shooting that occurred at a video game tournament in Jacksonville Landing, Jacksonville, Florida, on August 26, 2018, at about 1:30 pm (EDT). A lone gunman, David Katz, shot and killed two people and injured another ten before committing suicide.

13) Kwan Fai Mak – The Wah Mee massacre (traditional Chinese: 華美大屠殺; simplified Chinese: 华美大屠杀; pinyin: Huáměi dàtúshā; Jyutping: Wa4mei5 daai6tou4saat3) was a multiple homicide that occurred on February 18, 1983, in which Kwan Fai “Willie” Mak, Wai-Chiu “Tony” Ng, and Benjamin Ng gunned down fourteen people in the Wah Mee gambling club at the Louisa Hotel in Chinatown-International District, Seattle. Thirteen of their victims lost their lives, but one survived to testify against the three in the high-profile trial. It is the deadliest mass murder in Washington state history.

14) Wai-Chiu “Tony” Ng – Accomplice to Non-White Man vermin #13.

15) Benjamin Ng – Accomplice to Non-White Man vermin #13 and #14.

16) George Emil Banks –  (born June 22, 1942) is an American spree killer. A former Camp Hill prison guard, he shot 13 people to death on September 25, 1982 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and Jenkins Township, including seven children – five being his own – their mothers, some of their relatives, and one bystander.[2] His attorneys argued for the insanity defense, but Banks was convicted of charges including 12 counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to death.

I can go on and on and on, but I think you get the picture if you’re smart enough. Chicago street gang thugs that murder 20 people every week are Terrorists. Tookie Williams was a Terrorist. Al Capone was a Terrorist.

None of those in the list above are White Men. Is their race or ethnicity or religion to blame for their actions? Of course not. Now don’t you feel stupid, Don Lemon? You racist bitch motherfucker.



I figured someone had to go on a fact finding mission instead of arguing with idiots until I’m blue in the face. As usual, that someone is me. Obviously the morons will deny anything they don’t want to hear, but this isn’t for them. This is for those the lying preachers and their ilk are attempting to deceive.

There is only one truth.
Do urban casinos increase local crime? Not in this case study

July 17, 2014
Drexel University
Residents protested the opening of Philadelphia’s SugarHouse Casino in 2010, but researchers found that crime rates were largely unaffected by the introduction of the gaming establishment. The study found that crime rates in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia were largely unaffected by the introduction of the gaming establishment, and that any potential significant crime increases either did not occur or were effectively controlled by a reassignment of existing local police officers.

Entitled “A Partial Test of the Impact of a Casino on Neighborhood Crime,” the study was published online on by Palgrave MacMillan’s Security Journal, a peer-reviewed journal for security researchers and professionals. It is expected to run in an upcoming print issue of the journal. The full article is available here.

The study was conducted by Lallen T. Johnson, PhD, an assistant professor of criminal justice in Drexel University’s College of Arts and Sciences, and Jerry H. Ratcliffe, PhD, a professor and chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University.

“The arrival of the gaming industry to the city of Philadelphia was met with much controversy and protest,” said Johnson. “In particular, anti-casino community activists and organizations believed that gambling would lead to increased crime and disorder. Early discussions about the arrival of SugarHouse revolved around whether the added tax revenue would outweigh the social cost of the expected increased crime. Although reasonable concerns, our findings suggest that these negative expectations did not play out in this case.”

Having Fun at French Lick

Here are some more non-biased statistics concerning the pros and cons of casinos. Being that nothing is perfect, it looks pretty good in the long run.

The Economic and Social Effects of Casinos

The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) notes in An Analysis of the Economic Impact of Indian Gaming in 2005 (2005, that tribal gaming and associated businesses had:

Generated revenues of $22.6 billion in 2005 from Native American gaming
Generated another $2.7 billion in gross revenue from related hospitality and entertainment services
Created six hundred thousand jobs
Paid $6.9 billion in wages
Paid $7.6 billion in federal taxes and revenue savings
Paid $2.2 billion in state taxes, revenue sharing, and regulatory payments
Paid more than $100 million to local governments
Funded essential tribal programs, such as schools, hospitals, water and sewer systems, roads, police and firefighting programs, and cultural and social projects

Now I’m sure that some communities that gained casinos had a small spike in random crime, but no community has shown even remote signs of the “devastation” and nightmarish chaos that these anti-casino fuckwits have tried to fear-monger our people with. They are sanctimonious liars that are trying to rule our lives and as a community we should have had enough of this crap by now.

These vermin have caused the closure of businesses they don’t like. They have prevented establishments from opening by usurpering the Christian religion. They have harmed the progress and prosperity of our people and community long enough. Reject these hypocrites. They don’t give a fuck about us.

Now personally, a little better drug flow and some fresh prostitutes with nice bodies and teeth would be a nice change of pace. ;-]_~




Well, in typical sanctimonious, Fake Christian fashion the dregs of the TN/VA community have once again reared their ugly, empty heads and got involved in disrupting future progress. These self-appointed overlords seem to have a problem with the proposal to turn the old, abandoned Bristol Mall into a Casino Resort.
As is reported by the equally inept and mindless Bristol Herald Courier Newzpaper, some self-absorbed nutcase named Victoria Cobb, so-called president of some Al Qaida type organization called The Family Foundation of Virginia” seems intent on dictating morality to us poor white trash down here on the line.What this busy-body needs to get through her diseased mind is that SW Virginia….And NE Tennessee, need the jobs and revenue that this casino will produce. But hey, why should she care? She’s up there near DC where there’s lots of money for the “faith based” “non-profits” to con out of the community.
These clowns may be fooling the beltway, and a few dolts down here, but not us. This “outrage” of theirs is nothing but an opportunistic donation grab. They’ll convince the simple minded that the Devil is coming and rake in the dough. Mega-Churches do it every day. Why not Cobb?

Cobb predicts a casino would generate “addiction, poverty, higher crime, prostitution, sex trafficking, drugs, diminished property values, etc.”


Lady, you don’t know a damn thing about this area. When you come down here and create as many jobs as the casino resort will then you can talk about poverty and property values. And as far as addiction, sex, drugs and rock n roll are concerned, we have plenty now. But not as much as Richmond.
Just look at the picture above. Nobody in that selfie is hurting for food or clothing for their kids. That’s a “non-profit” for you. Go ahead, folks. How about a nice pic of the parking lot and the cars you drive?

Last month, local businessmen Jim McGlothlin and Clyde Stacy announced their intent to seek a change in state law so they could establish a resort casino and conference center at the vacant Bristol Mall.

Jim McGlothin I know from church. A good man with a good family who wants to help restore prosperity to our area. Stacey I don’t know but if he’s Jim McGlothlin’s partner I’m good with him. Mr. McGlothlin would never be a part of anything if he thought for one second that it would harm this community in any way. These posers from Richmond are in no position to judge these men or their intentions.
It’s simple, Victoria Cobb and minions. Stay the hell out of our business. You are nothing to this community. We can take care of ourselves, you arrogant busy-body.