The last time I wrote about the Tennessee General ASSembly I had them all hiding under their desks with Tony Shipley calling for big government to save him. No telling what will happen this time. I’ll try and be gentle….

A lot has transpired in the last five years as far as Medical Marijuana is concerned and as one of Tennessee’s foremost advocates of the sacred herb I must say I’m very pleased. The Department of Justice and it’s minions, the DEA in particular, have had their collective ass handed to them by the people, for the people. With the courage of state’s rights advocates across the country and a new breed of free-thinking politicians, it looks like justice is finally going to come our way. Even President Trump has bowed to pressure from leaders of his own party and agreed to respect the rights of states to govern themselves where MJ is concerned. Trump has even given the FDA orders to approve the first Cannabis based medicine since the FDA (Fucking Dumb Asses) insisted Marijuana had no medical applications. So as the DEA eats shit and Attorney General Jeff Sessions gets his own hatred and ignorance rubbed in his decrepit, moldy face it looks like victory is at hand.


Federalism can have it’s drawbacks. Like, what happens when your respective state has a legislature chock full of back-assward humanoids and various and assorted miscreants? It gets a little depressing. Believe me.

Now, I’m not saying things haven’t improved. They have. And I am pleased to state that we now have people like Beth Harwell, R-Nashvegas, Sen. Steve Dickerson, R-Nashville, and Rep. Jeremy Faison, R-Cosby, who have pulled their heads out of their asses and showed some backbone and an inclination toward compassion.

Jeremy Faison @JeremyFaison4TN
 Sometimes you get to plant. Sometimes you get to water. Sometimes you get to harvest. I would love to be able to harvest but for right now, the TN Senate only wants planting and watering. Medical Cannabis is coming to Murica regardless of the naysayers.


Now that’s balls, that’s something rarely seen/heard in the annals of Tennessee Leadership. The guts to fight for what’s right… to fight for the children of our state that suffer tremendously from violent seizures. Many to the point where their parents were forced to flee the arcane ways of Right-Wing extremism for the compassionate bosom of other states. For shame, TNGA. For shame.

The problem, of course, is as it has always been:

“I look forward to continued debate and discussion on this issue in the years to come,” McNally said. “I am confident this issue will remain a contentious one.”

Well, Speaker McNally, you piece of fucking dogshit-for-brains asshat. What makes you think that our suffering children and our opiate addicted and our Cancer sufferers HAVE “YEARS TO COME”? YOU FUCKING DOLT. This is something that should have been done many years ago. Tennessee could have and should have lead this country in the search for compassion seeing how all you fake-ass Christians like to stand up on pedestals and tell the world how you love Jesus and believe in grace and compassion. You’re a bunch of fucking liars. Each and every member of the TNGA that stands against this movement is the spawn of fucking Satan. I once wrote that “I spit on each and every one of you”. That remains my sentiment and will always remain so until those of you who love only yourselves, your money and your master the Devil change your disgusting, vile ways.

Tennessee will have this legislation thanks to the few brave, faithful among you. And every crying child, every groaning cancer sufferer, every good man and woman that languishes in jail for nothing is on your bloody, hateful, ignorant hands.



Goodbye Twatter

Twitter…. whatever. I’ve finally become ill when it comes to Twitter. I don’t know if it was originally intended to be a domicile for the internet’s political bottom-feeders but brother, that’s what it is. Chock so full of hate-mongering, race-baiting mental amoebas that it’s about to burst, Twitter serves no purpose but to give voice to those who have no life and thrive upon stirring up negative feelings through lies, hyperbole and sensationalism.

From racist pigs like Sara Ruis Grossman from the Huffington Post and David Duke from whereverthefuck he’s from to asshats like Soledad O’Brian and Donald Trump Jr. Twitter is a wasteland of regression. No ideas, no suggestions no hope for the future. Just whining sacks of shit who spend all day insisting that “the world is unfair and out to get me”.


Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Whites, Blacks, Immigrants, Anti-Immigrants, We hate the South, Fuck all the Yankees, Tear down a statue and everything will change…. Twitter’s textual limitations do not allow for viable discourse (then again, neither does the mind of the average Tweeter). It’s not meant to. Twitter exists solely for the purpose of allowing the ignorant to spew. I don’t know why the handful of good-natured, intelligent people that are there put up with it. Steve, Trace, Dave Atkins….. Come back to the blogs and leave the trash in the can.

Nothing will change as long as Twitter is around to fuel the fire.



We of TN420 and Ablogination have asked every Goobernatorial candidate since Bredesen showed up, where they stood on the Drug War, it’s devastating effects on our people and of course, Medical Marijuana. All have failed.

Via Twatter, er…Twitter (which I now hate) I asked Democratic candidate Craig Fitzhugh numerous times for a public statement on the matter. Thus far Candidate Fitzhugh has ducked the question. There’s still plenty of time for him to find a set of balls and state his position. He did vote correctly on failed HB 109 so I don’t see what the problem is. (BTW….. Rep.  John  Mark  Windle   and Rep.  Barbara  Ward  Cooper were the two dumbasses that cost the people a good piece of legislation)


But as of now….. only Republican candidate Beth Harwell has had the political fortitude to take a clear stand on this critical humanitarian issue. Her stance is dubious though. As it is with all scumbag politicians they refuse to recognize Marijuana and it’s benevolence unless something happens to one of their family members. As it did Harwell’s sister. Still grotesquely uneducated on the matter, Harwell seems to have at least had a wake-up call. Of course her statements included the stereotypical political pussy-footing…

“Harwell said she still opposes the legalization of recreational marijuana, citing her experience visiting her daughter when she attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. “If you visit Boulder, you won’t be for the recreational use of marijuana,” she said.”

Sounds like the kid was good and fuckered up when mom arrived.  ;-]_~

The point of this is NOT that Harwell would make a good Governor or is even a good person. The point is that Craig Fitzhugh needs to approach this very serious medical and social matter with eyes and heart wide open.

So far he’s not.


There is NO “Opioid Epidemic”.

At least not the one that the media and the government present when Drug War fear-mongering rears it’s ugly head. People are not dying from good, old-fashioned get high drugs… They’re dying from poisonous counterfeits that would not exist were it not for “The Drug War”, the DEA and lying piece-of-shit politicians.

Granted, anyone who is suicidal, naive or just plain stupid can overdo anything and cause themselves harm, but when seasoned, experienced users start dying there’s more to it than Doctors writing too many prescriptions. But in paranoid-ass, fact-fearing America naturally Doctors, Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical companies, and inanimate objects (the drugs themselves) are getting the blame. That blame is badly misdirected. It should fall upon this government, the drug war and the politicians that keep talking like Doctors are out to destroy the country with pills.


Jeffrey Singer, a surgeon in Phoenix and SF at the Cato Institute provides a moment of clarity in an grotesquely misrepresented situation….

Opiates are good drugs. They help provide quality of life to millions of people world wide. But as history teaches us, prohibitions and the asshats that support them always create problems far worse that those that precede them.

Drug abusers, YOU are one of the reasons people that need certain medications can’t get them. If you’re too weak-willed to control your high, that’s your problem. If you’re looking for sympathy you’ll find it somewhere between Shit and Syphilis in the dictionary, but not here. Quit abusing, quit blaming the substance for your problems. It’s YOU. It’s on YOU.




Just for Shits and Giggles. A Blast from the Past…

Anybody remember this?      :-)_~

TBI Probes Blog Criticizing Reps. Shipley, Lundbert

A nearly three-month-old Internet blog posting taking Tennessee GOP state Reps. Tony Shipley and Jon Lundberg to task for passing legislation outlawing synthetic drugs and shutting down area head shops has been turned over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to look into, Shipley tells the Kin sport Times-News.
“I got a call this morning that someone said something was out there, looking like it was a life threat, and it was forwarded to TBI, and they do whatever it is they do,” Shipley said. “The information was sent to Nashville by county officials who saw it today.”
The blog, called ablogination.tn420.org, said of Shipley: “We’re coming for you. The businesses you sought to destroy have more money than you do and far more resolve.”
The blog, dated May 15, included a computer-altered image of the so-called “Blackbird Mailer” used by the Tennessee Republican Party in the 2008 campaign between Shipley and former state Rep. Nathan Vaughn, Northeast Tennessee’s first African-American state lawmaker. Shipley narrowly won that election.
In the TRP mailer, the heads of Vaughn, former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama were pasted on blackbirds and described as “Part of the Big Government Flock.” In the blog, Shipley’s and Lundberg’s heads are pasted on the blackbirds and described as “Part of the Fascist Big Government Flock.”

See also WJHL-TV’s reporting, which includes this:
A T.B.I. spokesperson said State Senator Mae Beavers contacted the agency with concerns about the blog post.
A T.B.I. agent met with Sen. Beavers, the spokesperson said.
…Shipley told 11 Connects News that Speaker of the House Beth Harwell has directed the T.H.P. (Tennessee Highway Patrol) Office of Executive Protection to evaluate the threat and take steps necessary to protect him and his family.
Here’s a portion of the blog post.
“We’re coming for you (Shipley). The businesses you sought to destroy have more money than you do and far more resolve….You attacked our livelihood, which means you attacked our families and their well-being. I am your enemy, Tony.”
State Representative Jon Lundberg told 11 Connects’ Josh Smith he doesn’t consider the blog to represent an “imminent threat.”

And the outcome was….. Nothing.   😀
Tennessee Political Failure
Just shows what a worthless coward Shipley is. I guess that’s why the people chose a semi-respectable guy like Bud Hulsey to replace him. LOL!
Lock me up and I still got rid of you, Tony Baloney.
Yeah,….. I’m back, chump. And if you thought it was bad before, now I’m really pissed off. Your Political career is over forever.
I guaran-fucking-tee it.
Now, go call TBI or the DEA or the Chair Force or whoever the fuck you want.
And while you’re at it tell Mae Beavers to get some sun. She looks like a tube of Elmer’s Glue.

The Beginning: Tidbits

This is where the story begins. What lead to me being thrown in Federal prison, who was responsible, DEA agents, Prosecutors, Judges, Snitches, the lies, the deceptions… All the scumbags named and labeled.

I’m still fighting the case so there are facts I cannot yet reveal. However there are “tidbits” that I’m free to disclose at this point. As we progress all will be disclosed. And if you had any faith at all in the United States Department of Justice, you will likely lose it. And well you should. There is no more corrupt a government agency in the free world.

But First, this Public Service Announcement:



Why we always have to have a loathsome fucking asshat for an AG is beyond me, but Trumpty Dumpty’s biggest bonehead mistake thus far is bringing in the worst excuse for a human being since Jeffrey Dhamer to head the DOJ. As if the last three or four weren’t bad enough now we have this punk to worry about.

Now, back to the story…

I recently responded to one of the dozens of old news articles about me. This one from some shitwit named Castle at the Bristol Herald-Courier….

  • http://www.heraldcourier.com/…/article_66a5d96c-ca71-11e3-a…

    Harry Cannon
    Owner-operator at Self-Employed
    Let my tell you something, Castle, you miserable idiot, there was only one count of conspiracy and I only plead to that because Federal prosecutor Nick Regalia promised me “pre-sentence release” so I could arrange for my mother and my brother’s care as they were both bed-ridden. Regalia lied. I was never released and my brother died four months later and my mom two months after that.

    I am still Not Guilty. Shawn Barton (DEA Lap Dog) of Spartanburg, SC manufactured the product that contained one illegal chemical and provided me with documents proclaiming their legality both state and federal. Shawn Barton works for the DEA and they allow him to sell illegal products to store owners so they can shut down the stores and keep their numbers up as there are more store owners than just one manufacturer.

    It’s called ” Churning” and the DEA do it all the time. Unfortunately morons of the press, like yourself, don’t have the guts or brains to investigate. You just print what you’re told to print irregardless of the facts. You and the Herald are a disgrace.

    I’m back. And the TN420 Emporium will soon return to Bristol. Freedom isn’t free.


    To be continued……



DEA Churning Program

DEA Churning Program

There is no link to support this post. This is strictly inside information that I have obtained by being a victim of the DEA, serving time in Federal prison for a crime I did not commit and spending my three-and-a-half year sentence interviewing other prisoners and reading their case files. What is written here is true. You have to decide if you believe it or not….

It’s really a simple process. It’s not the complexity that astonishes but the audacity. The sheer audacity of the deception and irreverence that the general public is subjected to by these sinister methods is something out of a Grishom novel.

The method is called “churning” and it goes like this….

The DEA catches, or creates, a major drug dealer. Sometimes by supplying one of their own agents with illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin or meth. The “big guy” they use is protected from prosecution. This is usually a big drug dealer that was caught and conscripted to service. The big guy continues business as usual, supplying the mules and mid range dealers. This activity is monitored by the DEA and allowed to continue. Now you have scores of small-time dealers and dealer-users supplying the public with drugs. Once the DEA likes the numbers of small-timers they see (numbers for the news to justify the existence of the agency) they swoop in with news media in tow and conduct a “sweep” netting countless small-time dealers and users. Addicts who need help, not ten years in prison.

The DEA seizes the drugs and the money, keeps the money for their coffers and vacations and sex parties and, of course, to support their agent’s drug habits. Then the drugs are returned to the “big guys” to renew the process.

Churning. That’s just one of their methods of making themselves look good while they cause irreparable harm to all walks of society. Knowingly and willingly assisting the flow of harmful drugs to the streets of America, destroying the lives and families of small time dealers and the addicted, while the guys driving the two hundred thousand dollar cars and flying in Lear jets get richer and share the wealth with the single most corrupt agency in America. The Drug Enforcement Agency.

This testimony is true. It is a product of my own research. Lawyers know it, Judges know it, some cops know it, those who participate in it and are victims of it…. But most of all the Dept. of Justice knows it. And now you do too.