Well, in typical sanctimonious, Fake Christian fashion the dregs of the TN/VA community have once again reared their ugly, empty heads and got involved in disrupting future progress. These self-appointed overlords seem to have a problem with the proposal to turn the old, abandoned Bristol Mall into a Casino Resort.
As is reported by the equally inept and mindless Bristol Herald Courier Newzpaper, some self-absorbed nutcase named Victoria Cobb, so-called president of some Al Qaida type organization called The Family Foundation of Virginia” seems intent on dictating morality to us poor white trash down here on the line.What this busy-body needs to get through her diseased mind is that SW Virginia….And NE Tennessee, need the jobs and revenue that this casino will produce. But hey, why should she care? She’s up there near DC where there’s lots of money for the “faith based” “non-profits” to con out of the community.
These clowns may be fooling the beltway, and a few dolts down here, but not us. This “outrage” of theirs is nothing but an opportunistic donation grab. They’ll convince the simple minded that the Devil is coming and rake in the dough. Mega-Churches do it every day. Why not Cobb?

Cobb predicts a casino would generate “addiction, poverty, higher crime, prostitution, sex trafficking, drugs, diminished property values, etc.”


Lady, you don’t know a damn thing about this area. When you come down here and create as many jobs as the casino resort will then you can talk about poverty and property values. And as far as addiction, sex, drugs and rock n roll are concerned, we have plenty now. But not as much as Richmond.
Just look at the picture above. Nobody in that selfie is hurting for food or clothing for their kids. That’s a “non-profit” for you. Go ahead, folks. How about a nice pic of the parking lot and the cars you drive?

Last month, local businessmen Jim McGlothlin and Clyde Stacy announced their intent to seek a change in state law so they could establish a resort casino and conference center at the vacant Bristol Mall.

Jim McGlothin I know from church. A good man with a good family who wants to help restore prosperity to our area. Stacey I don’t know but if he’s Jim McGlothlin’s partner I’m good with him. Mr. McGlothlin would never be a part of anything if he thought for one second that it would harm this community in any way. These posers from Richmond are in no position to judge these men or their intentions.
It’s simple, Victoria Cobb and minions. Stay the hell out of our business. You are nothing to this community. We can take care of ourselves, you arrogant busy-body.




Unbelievable. After decades of trying to reason with these fucking dolts they either have become interested in what people feel and think, or they’re just playing games. Either way, it could be important to chime in on this. Things may actually be changing for the better.

Whatever your view, it’s your duty to share it.

GO HERE AND OPINE NOW. There is a deadline.


While the DEA clamors for control of the pharmaceutical industry the collateral damage heaped upon patients with chronic pain, and especially their Doctors, is driving the ability of physicians to properly treat their patients into the ground. The DEA has interfered with medical methodology, though they are not medical professionals and they have illegally violated the sanctity and anonymity of the Doctor/patient relationship and legal protections. All under the guise of an “epidemic” that has never existed and with no intention but to gain control of the lucrative industry.

It’s time some of these worthless politicians that we elect to the national legislature did something to pry these parasites from the backs of suffering Americans and their compassionate primary care physicians.

Dr. Daniel Maynard was the first red flag in Dallas. Called by some a “kindhearted doctor,” he handed out cash to hungry people and pills to chronic pain sufferers. The Associated Press wrote in a June 2003 story that the 57-year-old doctor was “an institution in a part of town where haggard men ask strangers for bus fare and sirens wail incessantly.” It was a neighborhood of South Dallas known for its pain, and Maynard treated it. The neighborhood also has a drug abuse problem.

A doctor of osteopathy and general practitioner since the early ’70s, Maynard ran his clinic for more than two decades. Patients, sometimes hundreds at a time, lined up daily to see him. He wrote more than 54,000 prescriptions in 2002 and wrote more scripts for Valium than any other doctor in Texas. Rebecca Martinez, whose parents were patients, told the AP that Maynard was “the one who keeps my mom and dad alive.”

Dr. Maynard was acquitted of the charges filed against him, but since then the Dept. of Justice (pronounced: Just us) has refined it’s efforts and come up with a formula to reach their diabolical ends. It’s a simple formula…Break the law and violate rights whenever possible.


The Trump administration is stepping up enforcement with the help of the Department of Justice’s new opioid fraud and abuse detection unit. Twelve assistant U.S. attorneys from around the country and a team of analysts will mine data to identify physicians who write too many opioid prescriptions. They’ll analyze the average age of patients who receive opioid prescriptions and how many die within 60 days of getting them. They plan to look at pharmacies that dispense disproportionately large amounts of opioids and regional hot spots for opioid abuse.

The unit arrives as most states have been exerting more control over health care and pharmaceutical industries, and counties around Texas and in other states have filed civil lawsuits against Big Pharma. The suits aim to hold drugmakers accountable for allegedly deceptive practices that encouraged doctors to prescribe narcotics for chronic pain patients and contributed to an epidemic of opioid overdoses.

“If you are a doctor illegally prescribing opioids for profit or a pharmacist letting these pills walk out the door and onto our streets under false pretenses, we are coming after you,” U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

“Our country is in the midst of a drug abuse crisis, enabled and worsened by rampant drug trafficking and prescription drug diversion,” he said. “This surge of resources … will help us make more arrests, secure more convictions and reduce the number of diverted or unnecessary prescription drugs causing addiction and overdose.”

Sessions’ surge comes as the government is already playing in murky waters when it comes to prosecuting pain doctors. Instead of following clear-cut cases like trading prescriptions for blow jobs or money, officials now look at deviations from standard care. Outspoken pain doctors such as Lynn Webster, a leading researcher in pain management in Salt Lake City, say such deviations are sometimes necessary when dealing with chronic pain.

Interesting. Sessions is such a mindless pig that he freely admits to violations of Doctor/Patient Confidentiality. Confidentiality is a fundamental tenet of medical ethics and it is the law. But don’t let a little thing like ethics get in the way. Neither Donald Trump nor Jeff Sessions have ever known the meaning of the word. It’s sad that in a country that’s supposed to be “free” a citizen has to resort to buying drugs, such as Heroin, on the street in order to maintain a reasonable expectation of privacy. Simply, people are becoming increasingly afraid of seeing Doctors for treatment of chronic pain, and Doctors likewise of treating patients with the medications they know will work, due to this ever-looming menace to freedom that is the DOJ/DEA.

Something most be done. However there are two major hurdles to the remedy. 1) A government that’s too corrupt to stand down and self-assess. And 2) A populace that’s too blind to see through the mist and hold government accountable for it’s culpability.

“They (Doctors) got to take care of their families and can’t afford to be investigated,” he says. Dr. Daniel B. Carr, the president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, called it a “civil war in the pain community” on how to treat chronic pain. Dr. Sean Mackey of Stanford University’s pain management program told PBS News Hour in January 2017, “There’s almost a McCarthyism on this that’s silencing so many people who are simply scared.”

Law enforcement’s raid on another pain doctor took place on a Tuesday morning in early March at his home in Greensboro, North Carolina, and his office in Martinsville, Virginia. This time, it involved Joel Smithers, a native Texan from the small town of Atlanta.

Smithers says his wife and four children were put in the front room as law enforcement officers went through all their vehicles, froze his bank accounts and seized $70,000 from his business and personal accounts.

“They have the most perfect system to rape you and steal from you and all your ability to fight in court,” he says. “Whether you’re talking about capital murder, drug dealer or terrorism, there is a set formula for how they go about it. They take all your assets and totally deprive you as much as possible.”

Smithers was arrested and charged with possessing with intent to distribute schedule II controlled substances. He’d been practicing since 2015 and taking patient referrals from other doctors. He says because it’s hard for patients to find a good pain management doctor to treat them, he received patients from as far away as Ohio. Smithers says federal prosecutors offered him a plea deal with a 15-year prison term but that he refuses to sign a document that isn’t true although they plan to add 717 more charges.

“It’s theatrics to put in the jury’s head that I am guilty until proven innocent,” he says. “It is purely circumstantial and based on their interpretation on facts. None of these people are doctors and have not gone to medical school.”

There is no “epidemic”. Remember that.

Thanks to for a great article.

Dr. Linda Cheek – Doctors of Courage

In July, 2017, Dick Durbin (D-IL) led a group of 16 senators in sending a letter to the DEA urging the lowering of opioid production quotas for 2018. The senators who signed the letter are: Senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Edward J. Markey (D-MA), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Angus King (I-ME), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), Maggie Hassan (D-NH), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and Al Franken (D-MN).
Brown, Klobuchar, Manchin, King, Feinstein, McCaskill, Baldwin, and Gillibrand are up for reelection this November.  These Senators need to be voted out of office.



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After six long, painful years of abuse, prison, death, and all manner of evil the scum have poured out upon us….we have prevailed.

The DEA highjacked the tn420.org and .com domains so we will now be found at the following address….



Ablogination will migrate there soon. This WordPress blog will remain for back up.

H.R. 5634: Medical Cannabis Research Act of 2018



To increase the number of manufacturers registered under the Controlled Substances Act to manufacture cannabis for legitimate research purposes, to authorize health care providers of the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide recommendations to veterans regarding participation in federally-approved cannabis clinical trials, and for other purposes.

Ya know, it’s great to see things getting better and more intelligent, more compassionate heads prevailing when it comes to the critical issue of Medical Marijuana. But when dealing with this government, and especially politicians who know absolutely nothing about Pot, it can be a little frustrating. So we have H.R. 5634. An important piece of legislation on the national level. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is the champion of this effort and we at TN420 highly (pun intended) praise Rep. Gaetz for breaking away from the traditional Washington DC asshattery when it comes to Marijuana. Of course, Gaetz and others that support this type of progress will be forced to reckon with the unabashedly asinine purveyors of inequity that still infest our legislative process. For instance….In section Three of the bill, subsection “H” we find a slime trail left by notable fucktard House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)….

“have completed a criminal background check for all personnel involved in the operations of the manufacturer pursuant to this subsection to confirm that such personnel have no conviction for a felony or drug-related misdemeanor;”

???? You don’t want the most knowledgeable people in the world involved in Marijuana research? Are you really that stupid? Fortunately proponents of the legislation addressed this nonsensical gibberish in timely fashion….

As a result, some drug policy reformers who otherwise strongly support expanding marijuana research balked on the bill, urging lawmakers to vote no. The legislation as introduced “unfortunately and unjustly expands the collateral consequences of criminal convictions,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), the top Democrat on the panel, said at the start of an hour-long debate before the vote. Citing the racially disproportionate manner in which drug laws have been enforced, he said the restrictions in the bill would “compound this injustice by preventing the very people who have been harmed from participating” in research.

The great Steve Cohen to the rescue:

During the committee markup, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) offered an amendment to remove the words “drug-related misdemeanor” from the provision in question, but ultimately withdrew the proposal instead of forcing a vote after Goodlatte made a commitment to work to revise the restrictions before the bill goes to the House floor. The chairman indicated that he would “probably not object” to a carve-out for people with drug possession convictions.

The really great thing about this particular legislation is that it forces that crusty, smelly, decrepit piece of steaming dog shit known as Attorney General Jeff Sessions to approve a minimum number of permits to engage in research. Something the talking monkey will become ill at doing. Hopefully terminally ill.

Of course the true irony and frustration with these politicians is that they seem to feel that since Marijuana is new to them that it’s also new to the planet. Typical of the narrow mind and short-sightedness of the average American politician. There is already ample research and scientific proof of what can be accomplished with suitable applications of Marijuana. Health, Industrial, Energy, Food……These things are what Donald Rumsfeld would refer to as “known knowns”. Things that we know that we know. But I guess the infirm and suffering will have to continue to wait until those who suffer from mindless fear and foreboding are somehow made whole. At least it’s heading that direction.

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The last time I wrote about the Tennessee General ASSembly I had them all hiding under their desks with Tony Shipley calling for big government to save him. No telling what will happen this time. I’ll try and be gentle….

A lot has transpired in the last five years as far as Medical Marijuana is concerned and as one of Tennessee’s foremost advocates of the sacred herb I must say I’m very pleased. The Department of Justice and it’s minions, the DEA in particular, have had their collective ass handed to them by the people, for the people. With the courage of state’s rights advocates across the country and a new breed of free-thinking politicians, it looks like justice is finally going to come our way. Even President Trump has bowed to pressure from leaders of his own party and agreed to respect the rights of states to govern themselves where MJ is concerned. Trump has even given the FDA orders to approve the first Cannabis based medicine since the FDA (Fucking Dumb Asses) insisted Marijuana had no medical applications. So as the DEA eats shit and Attorney General Jeff Sessions gets his own hatred and ignorance rubbed in his decrepit, moldy face it looks like victory is at hand.


Federalism can have it’s drawbacks. Like, what happens when your respective state has a legislature chock full of back-assward humanoids and various and assorted miscreants? It gets a little depressing. Believe me.

Now, I’m not saying things haven’t improved. They have. And I am pleased to state that we now have people like Beth Harwell, R-Nashvegas, Sen. Steve Dickerson, R-Nashville, and Rep. Jeremy Faison, R-Cosby, who have pulled their heads out of their asses and showed some backbone and an inclination toward compassion.

Jeremy Faison @JeremyFaison4TN
 Sometimes you get to plant. Sometimes you get to water. Sometimes you get to harvest. I would love to be able to harvest but for right now, the TN Senate only wants planting and watering. Medical Cannabis is coming to Murica regardless of the naysayers.


Now that’s balls, that’s something rarely seen/heard in the annals of Tennessee Leadership. The guts to fight for what’s right… to fight for the children of our state that suffer tremendously from violent seizures. Many to the point where their parents were forced to flee the arcane ways of Right-Wing extremism for the compassionate bosom of other states. For shame, TNGA. For shame.

The problem, of course, is as it has always been:

“I look forward to continued debate and discussion on this issue in the years to come,” McNally said. “I am confident this issue will remain a contentious one.”

Well, Speaker McNally, you piece of fucking dogshit-for-brains asshat. What makes you think that our suffering children and our opiate addicted and our Cancer sufferers HAVE “YEARS TO COME”? YOU FUCKING DOLT. This is something that should have been done many years ago. Tennessee could have and should have lead this country in the search for compassion seeing how all you fake-ass Christians like to stand up on pedestals and tell the world how you love Jesus and believe in grace and compassion. You’re a bunch of fucking liars. Each and every member of the TNGA that stands against this movement is the spawn of fucking Satan. I once wrote that “I spit on each and every one of you”. That remains my sentiment and will always remain so until those of you who love only yourselves, your money and your master the Devil change your disgusting, vile ways.

Tennessee will have this legislation thanks to the few brave, faithful among you. And every crying child, every groaning cancer sufferer, every good man and woman that languishes in jail for nothing is on your bloody, hateful, ignorant hands.


Goodbye Twatter

Twitter…. whatever. I’ve finally become ill when it comes to Twitter. I don’t know if it was originally intended to be a domicile for the internet’s political bottom-feeders but brother, that’s what it is. Chock so full of hate-mongering, race-baiting mental amoebas that it’s about to burst, Twitter serves no purpose but to give voice to those who have no life and thrive upon stirring up negative feelings through lies, hyperbole and sensationalism.

From racist pigs like Sara Ruis Grossman from the Huffington Post and David Duke from whereverthefuck he’s from to asshats like Soledad O’Brian and Donald Trump Jr. Twitter is a wasteland of regression. No ideas, no suggestions no hope for the future. Just whining sacks of shit who spend all day insisting that “the world is unfair and out to get me”.


Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Whites, Blacks, Immigrants, Anti-Immigrants, We hate the South, Fuck all the Yankees, Tear down a statue and everything will change…. Twitter’s textual limitations do not allow for viable discourse (then again, neither does the mind of the average Tweeter). It’s not meant to. Twitter exists solely for the purpose of allowing the ignorant to spew. I don’t know why the handful of good-natured, intelligent people that are there put up with it. Steve, Trace, Dave Atkins….. Come back to the blogs and leave the trash in the can.

Nothing will change as long as Twitter is around to fuel the fire.